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BinghamtonPitch Perfect-Pathway to FundingVestal 9/22/2014
BaruchBusiness Plan BasicsNew York 9/22/2014
OnondagaFast Track to Business Start UpSyracuse 9/23/2014
BrooklynSmall Business Legal ClinicBrooklyn 9/23/2014
FarmingdaleHow to Write a Business PlanFarmingdale 9/24/2014
BinghamtonWBO Roundtable- Facing Challenges....Binghamton 9/24/2014
Staten Island"Employee vs. 1099"Staten Island 9/24/2014
BronxRisk ManagementBronx 9/24/2014
Staten IslandBusiness PlanStaten Island 9/25/2014
Albany2015 FAST Tech ConferenceAlbany 9/25/2014
North CountryWhich Social Media Platform is Right for You? - PlattsburghPlattsburgh 9/25/2014
NiagaraAdvanced Business Series - Strategic PlanningNorth Tonawanda 9/25/2014
BuffaloSocial Enterprise 101Buffalo 9/26/2014
OnondagaSmall Business Practices for the ProfessionalSyracuse 9/29/2014
DunkirkSearch Engine OptimizationDunkirk 9/29/2014
Stony BrookEntice Your Customers Using Surveys and Online DealsStony Brook 9/30/2014
FarmingdaleThis is Not My Hobby, It's My Business! Taking Your Business and Yourself SeriouslyFarmingdale 9/30/2014
FarmingdaleCampaigns that Drive Action: Newsletters & AnnouncementsFarmingdale 9/30/2014
FarmingdaleQuickBooks for Beginners-Part 1Farmingdale 10/1/2014
JamestownBusiness Basics OnlineJamestown 10/1/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 10/1/2014
BinghamtonSBDC Small Business Training Part 1Binghamton 10/1/2014
CorningBusiness Planning Workshop - BathBath 10/1/2014
Rochester - MetroCenterWorking with MillennialsRochester 10/1/2014
BaruchAn Operational View of CashflowsNew York 10/2/2014
NiagaraFall Into Business 2014 - Business Organizational FormsNorth Tonawanda 10/2/2014
WatertownMarketing Tips and Techniques for Your BusinessWatertown 10/2/2014
Columbia-HarlemLearn the Language of Social Media MarketingNew York 10/3/2014
BaruchIdentifying Needs and Finding ResourcesNew York 10/7/2014
DunkirkDIY Graphic DesignDunkirk 10/7/2014
JamestownStrategic Planning That Really WorksDunkirk 10/7/2014
FarmingdaleBusiness Basics: How to Successfully Start a Small BusinessFarmingdale 10/8/2014
FarmingdaleQuickBooks for Beginners-Part 2Farmingdale 10/8/2014
BinghamtonSBDC Small Business Training Part 2Binghamton 10/8/2014
OnondagaIntroduction to Small Business Start UpSyracuse 10/8/2014
Mohawk Valley2014 CNY Veterans ExpoUtica 10/8/2014
OnondagaFocus Greater SyracuseSyracuse 10/8/2014
BuffaloSurvive and ThriveBuffalo 10/8/2014
DunkirkBusiness Basics WorkshopDunkirk 10/8/2014
BaruchBasic Principles of MarketingNew York 10/8/2014
CantonWomen's Business Bootcamp Luncheon - "Building A Strong Online Presence"Canton 10/8/2014
Albany County SatelliteGoing Up! Honing Your Elevator PitchAlbany 10/9/2014
LaGuardiaHow to Start a Business and Starting a Business at 50+Long Island City 10/9/2014
NiagaraFall Into Business 2014 - Using Facebook to Promote Your BusinessNorth Tonawanda 10/9/2014
WatertownBuild Your Own BusinessFort Drum 10/9/2014
JamestownWomen in NetworkingJamestown 10/9/2014
North CountryGoogle My Business - TiconderogaTiconderoga 10/14/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 10/15/2014
FarmingdaleQuickBooks for Beginners-Part 3Farmingdale 10/15/2014
FarmingdaleCampaigns that Drive Action: Feedback & SurveysFarmingdale 10/15/2014
BinghamtonSBDC Small Business Training Part 3Binghamton 10/15/2014
Mohawk ValleyThe Professional Series - Training for Established Small BusinessUtica 10/15/2014
BaruchManaging Your Company's FinanceNew York 10/15/2014
Pace UniversitySelling to the Governmet & 8(a), HUBZone and WOSB CertificationNew York 10/15/2014
NiagaraFall Into Business 2014- Recordkeeping for Small BusinessNorth Tonawanda 10/16/2014
FarmingdaleHow to Write a Business PlanFarmingdale 10/16/2014
BrooklynCommercial LeasingBrooklyn 10/16/2014
JamestownBusiness Basics WorkshopJamestown 10/16/2014
Staten Island2014 Senior Informatiion DayStaten Island 10/17/2014
DunkirkWeb AnalyticsDunkirk 10/20/2014
DunkirkTell Your Story Using InfographicsDunkirk 10/21/2014
BaruchFinancing Your Social EnterpriseNew York 10/21/2014
NiagaraIntro to QuickBooks Oct 2014Sanborn 10/21/2014
OnondagaFast Track to Business Start UpSyracuse 10/21/2014
Mohawk ValleyThe Professional Series - Training for Established Small BusinessUtica 10/22/2014
BinghamtonWBO Roundatble-OctBinghamton 10/22/2014
NiagaraOnline Connections Drive Business Success - Constant Contact - Fall 2014Niagara Falls 10/22/2014
FarmingdaleQuickBooks for Beginners-Part 4Farmingdale 10/22/2014
Stony BrookProtecting and Profiting From Your Intellectual PropertyStony Brook 10/22/2014
Columbia-HarlemSmall Business FinanceNew York 10/22/2014
FarmingdaleCampaigns that Drive Action: Offers & PromotionsFarmingdale 10/23/2014
Brooklyn8a Certification OrientationBrooklyn 10/23/2014
NiagaraMastering QuickBooks Oct 2014Sanborn 10/23/2014
NiagaraFall Into Business 2014 - Developing a Market PlanNorth Tonawanda 10/23/2014
BuffaloSocial Enterprise 101Buffalo 10/24/2014
BaruchPresenting You and Your BusinessNew York 10/27/2014
CantonSt. Lawrence County MatchmakerCanton 10/28/2014
DunkirkMarketing Your Business with YouTubeDunkirk 10/28/2014
Mohawk ValleyThe Professional Series - Training for Established Small BusinessUtica 10/29/2014
OnondagaIntroduction to Small Business Start Up.Syracuse 10/29/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 10/29/2014
FarmingdaleQuickBooks for Beginners-Part 5Farmingdale 10/29/2014
NiagaraFall Into Business 2014 - Financing Sources and Business Plan DevelopmentNorth Tonawanda 10/30/2014
JamestownBusiness Basics OnlineJamestown 11/1/2014
DunkirkSocial Media MarketingDunkirk 11/3/2014
DunkirkEcommerce WebsitesDunkirk 11/5/2014
CorningBusiness Planning workshop - ElmiraElmira 11/5/2014
CantonFor Medical Entrepreneurs: Intro to the Business PlanPotsdam 11/10/2014
CantonFor Medical Entrepreneurs: Marketing StrategiesPotsdam 11/12/2014
DunkirkIntro to WordPress WebsitesDunkirk 11/12/2014
Mohawk ValleyStart Using QuickBooks for your BusinessUtica 11/12/2014
North CountryChoose Your Business Structure - TiconderogaTiconderoga 11/12/2014
FarmingdaleBusiness Basics: How to Successfully Start a Small BusinessFarmingdale 11/12/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 11/12/2014
JamestownWomen in NetworkingJamestown 11/13/2014
DunkirkEmail MarketingDunkirk 11/17/2014
CantonFor Medical Entrepreneurs: Financial PlanningPotsdam 11/17/2014
DunkirkLearn to Create Online SurveysDunkirk 11/18/2014
OnondagaFast Track to Business Start UpSyracuse 11/18/2014
NiagaraIntro to QuickBooks Nov 2014Sanborn 11/18/2014
OnondagaIntroduction to Small Business Start UpSyracuse 11/19/2014
BinghamtonWBO Roundtable- Holidays TBABinghamton 11/19/2014
WatertownBusiness of Women Annual Networking ConferenceWatertown 11/19/2014
NiagaraMastering QuickBooks Nov 2014Sanborn 11/20/2014
FarmingdaleHow to Write a Business PlanFarmingdale 11/20/2014
Columbia-HarlemGrow Your Business with Email & Social MediaNew York 11/20/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 11/26/2014
JamestownBusiness Basics OnlineJamestown 12/1/2014
CorningBusiness Planning Workshop - CorningCorning 12/3/2014
BrooklynIntellectual PropertyBrooklyn 12/9/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 12/10/2014
Columbia-HarlemCredit CounselingNew York 12/10/2014
JamestownWomen in NetworkingJamestown 12/11/2014
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 1/7/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 1/21/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 2/4/2015
BrooklynWorker ClassificationBrooklyn 2/10/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 2/18/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 3/4/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 3/18/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 4/1/2015
BrooklynBusiness Legal StructuresBrooklyn 4/14/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 4/15/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 4/29/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 5/13/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 5/27/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 6/10/2015
BrooklynBusiness Startup BasicsBrooklyn 6/24/2015